Lessons from Slicing

I feel like I have learned so much through this experience. I have learned about myself as a person, a wife, a mother, a literacy coach, and a writer.

I’ve learned that it’s important to take time out to think and reflect on what’s happening around me. I’ve found that writing about something makes me feel like I have more control over situations where I have anything but. I’ve also found that sometimes a comment from a stranger (or a friend) can bring a smile to my face.

I’ve learned that my husband is pretty amazing. I knew that before I started blogging, but there have been many moments where that has been reaffirmed throughout this challenge. I often started to write about some of these moments, but many were just too personal to share.

I’ve learned that I am the mother of a energetic, charismatic, adorable, and sometimes trouble-making little boy. He is an amazing little bug that I love more than anything in the world. I can’t wait to see how he continues to grow and become a big brother. I’ve also found that writing about his antics on a blog is so much more enjoyable than filling in a baby book. Maybe instead of starting finishing his baby book, I can blog about his many firsts. Even if no one else reads it, someday I’ll be able to show it to his future wife and say, “He always liked peeing in the tub.”

I’ve learned that writing about literacy coaching is harder than I thought. I try my best to keep strict confidentiality with my teachers. So many times, I’ve started to write about a coaching experience just to realize that I was definitely giving too much information. I had originally started this blog with the plan to continue to write about literacy coaching after the SOL challenge. My plan has shifted slightly. I plan to try to write about literacy ideas and reflections, but maybe not coaching directly. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

I’ve learned that I like writing. I might even more than like it. I don’t think we’re in love territory yet. But we’re certainly getting there. Maybe with a few more late nights and seed ideas our relationship will grow. Fingers crossed.


Packing Addiction

Packing. I am a complete over-packer. I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter where I am going or what I am doing there, I need to make sure I have anything I could possibly need while I am there. I’ve tried to control the packing. I’ve made detailed lists with all the days I’m going away with outfits and even possible second choice outfits. I pack all the essentials for those outfits. And then you know what I do? Pack more clothes. Usually the ones I throw in after are my faves of the moment or old classics. I’ve tried using a small bag and telling myself that I simply have to only bring what can fit in the bag. In this case, I’ll either end up giving in and packing a larger bag or just bring an extra bag or two.

Now that I have my son, my packing issues have gotten so much worse. He clearly needs every pair of cute pajamas he owns even though there is not a chance he can wear them all. He might want to read some of his favorite books; let’s pack a dozen of them. At least now he’s at an age where we no longer need multiple seats or activity centers to take as we travel. To be honest, we never may have needed them, but I’m sure I brought them just in case.

Tomorrow my son and I are traveling to visit my family in Maine. I’ve made a list, laid out two bags for the two of us, and organized items in categories. I have no doubt the entire back of my SUV will be stuffed when we leave. Off to pack I go!

Chore Rewards

I remember being a child and loving to read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle had a way to get children to do what they didn’t want to by turning everything into a game of some type. When I was little, I used so many of her ideas to get me to finish my most despised chores. I would set a timer to get my room cleaned. If I did it in time, the evil witch would not put me in the dungeon.

As an adult, so much time is spent doing chores on the weekend that simply don’t get done during the week. Since it is also my time to relax, I make small deals with myself to get chores completed. This afternoon was a busy one. I was allowed to watch Game of Thrones during naptime if I washed the living room floor. For every dish I washed, I was rewarded with one minute of Pinterest time. I did many, many loads of laundry. For every load I washed, dried, and folded, I could put five dollars towards new clothing items that I will soon have to wash, dry, and fold.

Thinking about my rewards for chores, I realized I am basically giving myself an allowance in time or money for getting things accomplished. The clean house, dishes, and clothing is a simple bonus.

Paint Colors

We have spent a lot of time time looking at, thinking about, and discussing paint colors. The names are all so descriptive. I am convinced companies make them so wonderful to say so you don’t try to rip your hair out while deciding.

Some of my favorites in a rainbow….

Market flower, berry blush, magic wand

Poppy petal, sunset glow, peach tickle, caramel cream

Bermuda sand, lazy sun, summer wheat, honey tea

Tropical bay, hotspring green, lazy jade, salamander

Mystified, glacier mist, beach glass

Purple freedom, sassy violet, lavender satchel

The paint intended for children’s room have adorable names.

Freckles, raspberry tart, tree frog green, hush hush,fairytale pink, wishing star, picking daisies, hang ten, and my personal favorite, blanket.


Now, I know there are two real world friends who read this daily. I am so grateful that you’ve found my writing worth reading. You might want to stop reading right now. Personal information ahead. You’ve been warned.

I’m excited. I’m excited because I can’t wait to see what the future will be like.

I’m worried. I’m worried the way anyone who’s been here worries. I try to stay relaxed, but I’ll be a little more relaxed in seven weeks.

I’m happy. I’m happy that the timing is right. Our remodeling project is almost finished. We’ll be moving soon.

I’m relieved. It was coming up on close to a year that we’ve been trying, and discouraged feelings were creeping up more and more frequently.

I’m planning. What color should we paint the “little room” in the new house? How much time with I take off work? Can we still afford a few days at the beach this summer?

I’m anxious. I’m anxious to go to the appointment where we get to hear the little thump-thump-thump of a heartbeat. 28 days. Not that I’m counting.

I’m wondering. Will my son be getting a little brother or a little sister?

I’m pregnant.

Surprise in the Tub

“Baf! Baf! Baf!” That’s my son every night after dinner. He loves bathtime so much he just can’t wait. He loves to play with the water as it comes out the spout. He loves to lay on his belly and dunk his face in the water. He loves to lay on his back and kick his feet. During the feet kicking, he usually pauses to send a stream of pee into the air and giggle about it.

I tell him he has to wait until after I put away the food, pack his lunch, and do the dishes. Once it’s time, I ask him, “Do you want a bath?” He immediately heads to the stairs and starts climbing. We count on the way up the stairs. He’s a big boy now and doesn’t need Mama to carry him upstairs anymore.

In the bathroom, I start the water and add the bubbles. He must now put every single toy he has in the tub. One at a time, he tosses his toys into the rising water. This is when I realize I left his towel in his room. He’s still putting his toys in, so I go to grab his towel no more than 10 steps away. As I do, I hear what sounds like a shampoo bottle falling. I dart back into the bathroom and am astonished at what I find.

My son is sitting in the tub fully dressed and completely soaked from head to toe. I hurry over to check if he’s hurt. He’s not. I’m not entirely sure how exactly he got into the tub, but he seemed to have surprised himself. He gets over that quickly and starts splish splashing around. He’s the most upset because he has to stop splashing for me to get him undressed. He’s 100% pure boy!

Wednesday Night Dates

My mother-in-law had recently begun to pick up my son from the babysitters on Wednesdays. It started as a way for my husband and I to both be free for an evening together to work on the new house. Now, there’s little left for me to do at the new house. Even so, she seems to want to keep her Wednesday night date and I am happy to let her.

Tonight was the first night that she did it that I am took the time for myself. I had a hair appointment, and then I had to stop at the small specialty grocery store. The rest of the time was spent cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, and prepping the guest room for our weekend visitor. It wasn’t exactly a thrilling evening, but a little alone time was nice for a change.