Packing Addiction

Packing. I am a complete over-packer. I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter where I am going or what I am doing there, I need to make sure I have anything I could possibly need while I am there. I’ve tried to control the packing. I’ve made detailed lists with all the days I’m going away with outfits and even possible second choice outfits. I pack all the essentials for those outfits. And then you know what I do? Pack more clothes. Usually the ones I throw in after are my faves of the moment or old classics. I’ve tried using a small bag and telling myself that I simply have to only bring what can fit in the bag. In this case, I’ll either end up giving in and packing a larger bag or just bring an extra bag or two.

Now that I have my son, my packing issues have gotten so much worse. He clearly needs every pair of cute pajamas he owns even though there is not a chance he can wear them all. He might want to read some of his favorite books; let’s pack a dozen of them. At least now he’s at an age where we no longer need multiple seats or activity centers to take as we travel. To be honest, we never may have needed them, but I’m sure I brought them just in case.

Tomorrow my son and I are traveling to visit my family in Maine. I’ve made a list, laid out two bags for the two of us, and organized items in categories. I have no doubt the entire back of my SUV will be stuffed when we leave. Off to pack I go!


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