Chore Rewards

I remember being a child and loving to read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle had a way to get children to do what they didn’t want to by turning everything into a game of some type. When I was little, I used so many of her ideas to get me to finish my most despised chores. I would set a timer to get my room cleaned. If I did it in time, the evil witch would not put me in the dungeon.

As an adult, so much time is spent doing chores on the weekend that simply don’t get done during the week. Since it is also my time to relax, I make small deals with myself to get chores completed. This afternoon was a busy one. I was allowed to watch Game of Thrones during naptime if I washed the living room floor. For every dish I washed, I was rewarded with one minute of Pinterest time. I did many, many loads of laundry. For every load I washed, dried, and folded, I could put five dollars towards new clothing items that I will soon have to wash, dry, and fold.

Thinking about my rewards for chores, I realized I am basically giving myself an allowance in time or money for getting things accomplished. The clean house, dishes, and clothing is a simple bonus.


3 thoughts on “Chore Rewards

  1. I make a list and cross it off, the satisfaction of finishing a list is so great. I’ve even been known to add things I’ve already done so I can cross them off. Blush, as I look around the house I need a few more lists!


  2. I love the way you give yourself chore rewards. I think I have to start doing this. (After all, I’ve nicknamed myself the Laundress thanks to the amount of laundry I do on a weekly basis.)


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