Paint Colors

We have spent a lot of time time looking at, thinking about, and discussing paint colors. The names are all so descriptive. I am convinced companies make them so wonderful to say so you don’t try to rip your hair out while deciding.

Some of my favorites in a rainbow….

Market flower, berry blush, magic wand

Poppy petal, sunset glow, peach tickle, caramel cream

Bermuda sand, lazy sun, summer wheat, honey tea

Tropical bay, hotspring green, lazy jade, salamander

Mystified, glacier mist, beach glass

Purple freedom, sassy violet, lavender satchel

The paint intended for children’s room have adorable names.

Freckles, raspberry tart, tree frog green, hush hush,fairytale pink, wishing star, picking daisies, hang ten, and my personal favorite, blanket.


3 thoughts on “Paint Colors

  1. Aw! There is something so relaxing about reading those names! It makes you dream of all the possibilities, so much you could do with those colors! I need to check those out the next time. Thanks for the slice!

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