Surprise in the Tub

“Baf! Baf! Baf!” That’s my son every night after dinner. He loves bathtime so much he just can’t wait. He loves to play with the water as it comes out the spout. He loves to lay on his belly and dunk his face in the water. He loves to lay on his back and kick his feet. During the feet kicking, he usually pauses to send a stream of pee into the air and giggle about it.

I tell him he has to wait until after I put away the food, pack his lunch, and do the dishes. Once it’s time, I ask him, “Do you want a bath?” He immediately heads to the stairs and starts climbing. We count on the way up the stairs. He’s a big boy now and doesn’t need Mama to carry him upstairs anymore.

In the bathroom, I start the water and add the bubbles. He must now put every single toy he has in the tub. One at a time, he tosses his toys into the rising water. This is when I realize I left his towel in his room. He’s still putting his toys in, so I go to grab his towel no more than 10 steps away. As I do, I hear what sounds like a shampoo bottle falling. I dart back into the bathroom and am astonished at what I find.

My son is sitting in the tub fully dressed and completely soaked from head to toe. I hurry over to check if he’s hurt. He’s not. I’m not entirely sure how exactly he got into the tub, but he seemed to have surprised himself. He gets over that quickly and starts splish splashing around. He’s the most upset because he has to stop splashing for me to get him undressed. He’s 100% pure boy!


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