Amazing Alphabet

Tonight I was completely amazed by my son. Both my husband and I watched him and were in awe. For a few weeks now, I’ve been using an app for him to match letters. He has tried it, but never really grasped the concept. He and I would play around for a few minutes and that would be that.

Tonight, it was like he had been doing it for years. Matching letters with ease. Even saying a few out loud which blew this mama away. How did he all of sudden know how to do it? And do it well? He was on fire.

Image result for endless alphabet

At the young age of just 20 months, my son can completely impress me. I can only dream of what the future holds for my little genius.*

*I do not actually believe my son to be a genius, though it’s possible. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Amazing Alphabet

  1. I love to watch kids when they get something for the first time. Especially like what you saw tonight when your son really got it. Very cool. He’ll be reading before you know it.


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