Change and Inspire

Just this weekend, I was folding laundry and watching a TV show during nap time. The main character in the show is a writer, but she had recently quit writing. She was asked what made her start writing in the first place, and her answer stuck with me. Her response was “to change things”.

Is that why I write? In essence, yes. I am hopeful that some of my ideas change the thinking of others. That I am able to open someone up to a new way of thinking or new ideas. I have also starting to think that if I can keep this blog going after the Slice of Life Challenge is over. Keeping the the focus on literacy, maybe I can help change how reading and writing are happening in classrooms. Maybe the ideas in my teacher brain can connect with someone else’s teacher brain and amazing things can happen.

This all connects to an idea I first heard at IRA (now ILA) last year. Douglas Fisher was giving a speech on text dependent questions. Ultimately, he explained that the goal we have for students is for the text they read to inspire them to do something. Reading something should make you want to DO something. Maybe it’s blog about it, talk about it with your peers, argue against it, shave your head and join a cult. Ok, maybe not the last one.

What will this text inspire you to do?


4 thoughts on “Change and Inspire

  1. A few years ago I heard a presenter at the Teacher’s college say that social studies without action is just voyerism. I think this same truth applies to writing. If you’ve never read Kate Messners moving poem about why we read and write, it’s certainly worth your time. You post has inspired me to have my students write letters to our state legislators.

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