The Library

I have always loved going to the library. This love has certainly stemmed from my love of reading. When I went to elementary school, my school didn’t have have a library. Classroom libraries were practically nonexistent. My parents occasionally bought me a book from the monthly book order, but they couldn’t possibly afforded to keep me stocked in reading material. Enter the local library.

I would love to say that my first visit to the library was a magical one and that it is a day I will never forget. But I don’t. I can’t tell you how old I was, what books I took home, or how it made me feel. Instead of remembering the first time I went there, I can recall that it was a place that I frequented throughout my childhood.

My mom sometimes had to work on Saturdays. The local library was across the street from her bank. Once I was old enough, she would drop me off on her way in and I would be in heaven. Hours to spend wandering through the shelves. I would pick old favorites, new titles, anything I wanted. I often had to sort through my stack to narrow my choices to a manageable pile. After checking out my selections, I would use a quarter to call my mother from the payphone. We would pick a time for her to meet me on the corner. As she finished up her work, I would pour over the new books excited to get my hands on them as quickly as possible.

My love for the library has not ended. Today my son and I visited our local library. Although small, it is still a magical place. While I selected some new titles for us to take home, he wandered around the children’s room. He climbed on chairs, made puzzles, pulled dog toys, and read books. He had a great time. When it was time to leave, he cried. Though I hate to see him shed any tears, crying because it’s time to leave the library made my reading heart happy.


4 thoughts on “The Library

  1. I work in a library and can remember so many different library space throughout my life. I rarely saw my mother read, but she always made sure that I had access to books. Libraries are wonderful places. I’m glad you’re passing on that love.


  2. Ms. Kelly says:

    You should share your story with your students. It would inspire them to look at their relationships with books and the library.


  3. I have always loved the library, too, but I can’t pinpoint a memory of my first trip either. I hope that when I have kids, I can share that love with them like you have shared with your son! Happy reading!


  4. What an absolutely wonderful memory from your childhood. Being able to sit in the library for hours while your mom worked -I just think it’s so cool that your mom gave you that opportunity while she had to work. And now – your son is the lucky beneficiary of what you know to be true. Libraries are the BEST. Lucky him!!!!


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