Slices from Students

Since the Slice of Life Challenge started, I’ve been working with two teachers to have their classes take part in the challenge. This week another teacher joined the fun. I’m already thinking about some ways to get a bigger group for next year or even have some teachers join this challenge.

Today I worked with two of classes to improve their posts and ramp up some aspects of author’s craft while blogging. Here are a snippet of some of my favorite lines from them about the challenge.

“Writing to me is like going to this land. Escaping from this world and just spilling out your feelings.”

“I was so excited yesterday I was about to do my blog, but I stopped myself and said you can wait till tomorrow. To keep me busy, I made myself a calendar to make sure I do it everyday so I wont forget.”

“It will allow me to let others know what’s going in my life and how I feel.  I will be able to know what others are doing and how they feel and I can help them out if needed.”

“Everyday or every night things happen to people that they want to share with their friends or just people in their class, but sometimes they can’t do that out loud.”

“For a few years now I have actually wanted to do my own blog, so this is like a dream come true.”

Yes, yes, and yes!! The students were thrilled to start the challenge and have really taken off with it. I’m so proud of them, but I’m also so proud of their teachers. Teaching students how to blog and comment on blogs is no small task. Not to mention the many hundreds of comments that flood their inboxes for approval. I know that these teachers always go above and beyond for their students, but it is so great for me to be able to work with them to make their students into real writers.


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