A Full Kitchen Sink

I swear the sink was empty when I went to bed. I swear the sink was empty when I walked into the kitchen this morning. So why, oh why, is the sink so full when I leave for work? Without a dishwasher, it is rare that the sink is completely empty, but still. I simply can’t figure out where all the dishes come from. I suppose I could if I wanted to.

There are two cupcake pans from the cupcakes I made for the 5th grade bake sale this afternoon. There’s a spatula from the chocolate frosting that I used to decorate the cupcakes. There’s a little, tiny tupperware container that housed the leftover frosting that I promptly ate after bedtime.

There’s two coffee cups from this morning. My husband and I take coffee to go, but we still like a small (or large) cup in a real mug while we get ready.

There’s the regular bowl that my husband made oatmeal for my son in. There’s the smaller bowl that I put it in when he refused to eat it out of the larger bowl. There are at least four spoons that were used as part of Operation Oatmeal.

There’s the plate that I buttered my son’s toast on when he decided he would put the oatmeal in his mouth, but then promptly spit it back out.

There are the parts of my Nutribullet that I used to make my spinach smoothie for lunch. There’s also an empty container that used to house a slice of pizza that I ate for breakfast. In my head, one cancels out the other.

There are a few other random utensils, glasses, and plates scattered in the sink. Tonight when I get home, I’ll do all these dishes. Later on, I’ll do the dinner dishes. Chances are, I’ll wash a few more before bed. I’ll go to sleep dreaming of my empty sink, completely void of any dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned.

And you know what? Tomorrow morning the sink will once again be filled when I leave for work.


4 thoughts on “A Full Kitchen Sink

  1. It totally is a never ending cycle. I loaded my dishwasher while preparing dinner last night and by the time dinner was over, both sides of my sink were full again! I think I need to make less complicated meals…


  2. raeily says:

    Operation Oatmeal!!!! haha! That’s howit feels, isn’t it?

    This was beautiful. I love how you took us through a day in your life, how your family interacts, what they like, just by going through what’s in your sink.
    As a fellow “Clean sink dreamer”, it’s nice to be reminded that HOW the dishes got dirty is more important than WHEN they get cleaned.


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