Spring Weather

Today was one of those days where you start to get a glimpse of spring. The sun is shining, and while the temperature is far from warm, it’s the warmest day since the leaves were changing. Birds seem to be in the air more, and there’s more grass to seen from under the snow.

While the sunshine gives hope to the season of spring, there’s still slivers of winter lurking around. A cool breeze, dirty snow piles, or evening low temperatures remind you that winter is not yet past. There is still the chance of winter weather, though a day like today makes that thought seem utterly impossible.

As the weather continues to improve, I can completely understand why spring is the season for new beginnings and hopefulness. A sunshine filled day like today shows me that there is brightness to come in the future. Spring makes all things seem possible.


5 thoughts on “Spring Weather

  1. There were so many people walking around today, enjoying the 50 degree weather. You are right; it was wonderful getting that glimpse of spring. Hopefully it begins to shine fully!


  2. Our weather forecast (Central Ohio) is calling for high 50’s by the end of the week. I’m really hoping that it’s accurate and we are really closer to Spring with each passing day.


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