“Watching” the Game Together

There are moments that I absolutely love technology. Last night was one of those moments.

My dad is a high school hockey coach in Maine. His team was in the regional finals last night. Unfortunately, the game was not being streamed to the internet for me to watch. Instead, I had to rely on Twitter to follow the play by play. While it was not nearly the same as being in the crowded, cheering arena or even watching it on a laptop, I was still able to feel like I was supporting his team. My brother, sister, and I were texting throughout the game as we all followed the action through Twitter even though we were hundreds of miles apart.

Technology connected my family yesterday. It wasn’t possible for us to be together to watch the game, yet we all found a way to “watch” it together.


2 thoughts on ““Watching” the Game Together

  1. What a great experience to share! It makes me grateful my family is so close and yet for us, technology is often an excuse not to be together or truly present with one another. I am thinking differently about both tonight thanks to your post!


  2. Samantha Marquardt says:

    This is a great example of family support and love! How cool you were all able to share and join your dad during this important day!


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