Love You Forever

Tonight I read my son a book that he got from my sister when he was only two weeks old. Love You Forever is a very popular title that I can even remember from my childhood. For some reason, I associate it with my brother. Maybe because it was his book. Or maybe because he was always naughty and the boy in the book reminds me of him.

I’ve read that book to my son before. It was the first book that I read to him that put him to sleep. I can still remember the night that happened. It was magical. Tonight was magical too, but in a much different way.

We climbed the stairs for him to go to bed, and I decided we had time for one more book before I put him down for the night. I pulled Love You Forever off the shelf and pulled my son onto my lap. About halfway through the book, my 20 month old son was scrambling to get down and yelling for his doggie. I realized then that tonight when I read the book, I wasn’t reading it to my baby. I was reading it to my toddler. Before my eyes, he has grown so quickly, so amazingly, so perfectly that I sometimes need to step back to really see the little boy he is now. Even through he’s no longer a baby, as the book says…

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”


8 thoughts on “Love You Forever

  1. Jen Cherry says:

    My daughter is also 20 months old and full of so much attitude and sass. It makes me sad as I realize that she is growing up so fast, but also exciting to see what’s next.

    With their love of their doggies, I think our kiddos would get along great!


  2. kdoele says:

    I love how you described noticing this change. The crazy thing is that it will keep happening. I am the mom of am almost 20 year old and I still notice her growing and changing. Love that book too!


  3. They do that don’t they! Just wait – one day will you turn and they are in their 20’s and 30’s – OMG where does time go! So glad you are taking time for those extra stories and time before bed. It really does go fast. Enjoy!


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