Jar of Chocolate

I have a jar of chocolate on my desk. Right now, it is filled with Rolos and Hershey Miniatures. Last week, it was brimming with Dove milk AND dark chocolate hearts. After Christmas, I filled it with Lindt chocolate truffles that my husband received as a gift and I HAD to get them out of the house. Those didn’t last a week in the jar.

I don’t eat the chocolate. Well, ok, sometimes I eat the chocolate. The jar of chocolate is really for the teachers I work with. Every teacher has to walk by my office to pick their students up from lunch. I’m typically in my office during that time with the door open. Teachers come down a minute or two early to grab an afternoon pick me up. We might chat about literacy, about our personal lives, or just a quick hello while they grab a little treat.

Today a teacher asked me if I kept chocolate in there to get teachers to come in and work with me. Three years ago when I was just starting out as literacy coach the answer would have been YES! Now, I don’t feel that I need the chocolate to get them in the door and start collaborating with me. Collaboration is happening with the goal of increasing teacher effectiveness which will hopeful lead to increased student motivation, engagement, and ultimately achievement. Chocolate just makes the work a little sweeter.


5 thoughts on “Jar of Chocolate

  1. The term “pick-me-up” caught my eye in your post. About three weeks ago, a student in my advisory group (what others might think of as homeroom) suggested starting “Pick-Me-Up Wednesdays” just for our advisory group. The idea being the kids bring in snacks and juice containers to store in my classroom–throughout the day they can pop in at any time for a “pick-me-up”…

    What I really like about it is that it creates more contact between me and the group of thirteen-year-olds who I am advising/mentoring through the year. It beats our morning breakfasts–donut-fest–which has grown stale to the kids. Loved that idea for a change came from a kid!


  2. Jaana says:

    Your title intrigued me. I just had to hop over to read more about chocolate! Now I am considering having a chocolate jar in my room. Perhaps classroom teachers would come more often to chat about resources for their ELL students!


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