Two hour delays. They are both friend and foe. I sat waiting for the phone to ring on Sunday night both hopeful for the extra time in the morning and hopeful that school will begin on time.

I love two hour delays because I get to sleep in, even if it is only for a few minutes. I love them because I get to snuggle with my 20 month old son and play while his dad sleeps in a little extra. I love them because I get to enjoy my coffee with my husband and get ready at a much more leisurely pace. I love that my job allows me to stay off the roads until they improve and keep me safe. I love that extra time at home with my family.

I hate two hour delays because it means I have to reschedule meetings with teachers and modeled lessons. I hate them because I still have to get the same amount of work done; I now just have two hours less to do it. I hate them because I still find myself rushing around in the morning. I hate them because sometimes they give me hope for a snow day, only to often be disappointed. I hate them because they give me just enough time home with my family to wonder if I’m missing out on being a stay at home mom while my son is young.

There’s more messy weather predicted for this week. I wonder if we’ll have a delay.


5 thoughts on “Delays

  1. Ms. Kelly says:

    What about the two hour delay that turns into a closure. Had one of those today. I enjoyed how you viewed the two hour delay from two points of view,


  2. I hear you on the love-hate relationship with those delays! Today, I was expecting one, but did not get it. I felt cheated. Last week, I got one I did not expect and felt like I won the lottery!


  3. I feel the same way. We had a two-hour delay last week right in the middle of PARCC testing, and ended up with 20 minute classes (I teach 8th grade). It was insanity trying to fit everything in (which I ended up just scaling down), and my kids were bonkers all day.

    Delays are a blessing and a curse! I hope that whatever happens for you this week, you are able to enjoy it and take some time to reflect with these little slices. #SOL15


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