Grand Ideas

I love coming up with grand ideas. Big, beautiful literacy projects that combine learning and fun in an engaging way to make teachers and students smile. As a literacy coach, I am fortunate that I can collaborate with teachers to make such projects possible.

Enter Slice of Life Classroom Challenge. I stumbled upon the idea and reached out to my teachers to see who was interested in collaborating on this venture. I was hoping for at least 6 teachers who were interested. Unfortunately, I only had two takers to go on this writing adventure, but they are two of the most dedicated teachers I work with. I have no doubt that they will make this an amazing experience for their students.

It has already made me smile to go on the classes’ Kidblog pages and read what students are writing. I am so happy to see that so many students have written about being so excited to take on the challenge, and these are kids who HATE to write. Ahh, good thing blogging isn’t writing. (Please don’t tell them it is.)

As I thought about how excited the students are, I started to think about my own feelings about joining the SOL challenge. I’m excited, but also a little worried. What if I can’t come up with enough ideas to write about? What if I don’t have enough time to write anything meaningful or of substance? I guess the best way to get over these worries is keep calm and write on.


7 thoughts on “Grand Ideas

  1. Welcome to the slicing community! Not only are you taking on this amazing challenge, but you have urged others to bring their students in to this big, wonderful world of shared writing. Way to go! Can’t wait to see what comes…..:-)


  2. Jen Cherry says:

    I hope to challenge my students next year 🙂 I always want to try something myself first. Have you thought about using NaNoWriMo with your kids? I love it and really appreciated the challenge myself. I’m still writing my novel!


    • I love the NaNoWriMo idea. You are right on with trying something first. I haven’t done this before, and now I have dragged included two teachers and their classes with me. It is certainly turning out to be more work than I ever thought, but the students are LOVING it. That is of course, what really matters.


  3. Darlene Andre says:

    I have a class Kidblog account. My fifth-graders love using it. Often what they write by choice or chance amazes me. The classroom challenge seems like a wonderful opportunity. I thought about having my students participate. The students are off tomorrow (Casimir Pulaski Day) and we have a PD day. Then comes a week of PARCC followed by a week long human growth unit and then spring break. March is a tough month. I’ll be slicing, but my student slices may have to wait. I’m glad you have some teachers completing it with their classes.


  4. It only takes two to get a movement started! One to lead, one to follow! In your case, you have three!! I can just imagine the exciting conversations you, the teachers and the kids will have around your writing over the next month!


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